The 5 Best Gifts for Baby Showers Available at Dragons of Walton Street

The 5 Best Gifts for Baby Showers Available at Dragons of Walton Street

Did you know that the concept of the baby shower stretches all the way back to ancient Egyptian times? We can probably all agree that shopping for a little person whom one is yet to meet can be a conundrum at the best of times. But hey, let’s count our blessings - when we are scratching our heads about what would be the perfect gift for a baby shower, at least it isn’t baby Tutankhamun that we are having to come up with original offerings for!

Rest assured that in classic Dragons of Walton Street style, when it comes to any and all things baby and baby lifestyle, we have you stylishly covered. Right here on our website are a host of amazing presents to buy for baby and mama and even papa. But we are going one better and narrowing down the choice for you and, whilst it was a challenge to put together a shortlist of our favourite picks, the Dragons team agreed that armed with these options, a baby shower attending guest cannot go too far off the mark:

One - The Bramley Wellness Tent for Mums

With the constant juggling, loud comical sounds, and a tiny little person carrying out unpredictable, yet adorable antics, a good metaphor for a new mum’s life is a day at the circus. Perhaps this is what Bramley had in mind when they created this much needed sensory escape in the form of a pretty tent-shaped gift set. And such lovely goodies for a new mum it contains too! There is a sleep spray, a soothing bath, body and shower oil, a lovely bubble bath, a rich body lotion, a mini calm balm and a travel candle. You can’t go far wrong with this one!


Two – Peter Rabbit Stuffed Toy by Steiff

Peter Rabbit Stuffed Toy by Steiff


Steiff is the Rolls Royce of the stuffed toy world and any style conscious mum-to-be is sure to have a Steiff toy on her wish list for her new-born’s nursery. How much kudos will you get then, when you present her with the sweetest Steiff toy of all time – the beloved Peter Rabbit?! Short answer: a tremendous lot! The world’s love affair with this cheeky character is going as strong as ever – in fact, Peter Rabbit is enjoying his 120th birthday this year and is as beloved now as the first moment he hopped into legions of delighted children’s hearts and imaginations. We predict that this toy, which is suitable for new-borns, will be beloved by the new baby. It may even graduate to keepsake status and be passed on to a future generation. Peter Rabbit by Steiff will forever be one of our all-time favourite gifts for a baby shower and a precious gifting gesture that is sure to delight any mum-to-be. Read more about Peter Rabbit’s 120th birthday click here.

Three – Dragons Luxury Baby Moses Basket


This one is the baby shower gift to end all baby shower gifts – even baby Tutankhamun might be impressed! Many of the mums who receive gifts from Dragons for their shower have them purchased by excited parents, grandparents, and in-laws. In many cases, only this Moses basket will do to express their joy at the baby to be. Featuring hand-cut glass crystals and French Chantilly lace, the most luxurious of Dragons Moses baskets are purest baby couture. Granted, with an 8 – 10 week lead time, this one tends to be purchased by the more organised shower go-er, and we have not let one down yet. What we do guarantee is that the this one is well worth the wait – it is no idle boast that this is quite simply one of the most detailed and finest pieces of furniture available for a newborn on the planet. Every single stitch is carried out by hand and only the finest French silk is used to create the truly mesmerising effect. So, get your Kleenex ready. Mum is sure to burst into tears at the thought of her child’s new life starting out in such a regal cocoon. This Moses basket is five-star baby shower gifting.

Four – Dove Bedding Set

Newborn bedding set

Much beloved by the heirloom aficionados, Dragons’ hand embroidered luxury bedding set is one of the very best gifts you can bestow at a baby shower – for one thing, you be quite confident that the bedding will give the baby ultimate comfort and get rather a lot of use! Practicalities are beautifully covered by little details such as pieces in the set only requiring a 30-degree wash. Available in super easy to style white, the bedding set consists of a half bumper, quilt cover, fitted sheet and decorative pillow – all made of 100% cotton satin. A cosy, gracious and practical choice which adds to the overall elegance of the new baby’s nursery. 

Newborn hand painted hair brush

Five – Dragons Baby Hairbrush

By far and away one of Dragons of Walton Street’s most iconic and desired products, the hand-painted cherry wood hairbrush for new babies is a shower gifting must-have. The best bit? With Dragons artists on hand at the studio for quick customisations, once baby is born and has a moniker, baby’s parents can post it in or better yet pop into the store to have baby’s initial painted on by hand. This brush is of superlative quality – indeed, a recipient from 35 years ago recently popped own still very serviceable hairbrush into the showroom, asking that the artwork be duplicated for her own daughter’s brush. These brushes make excellent keepsakes and again, above all, you can rest assured that with this shower gift option, the practicality box is firmly ticked as it will provide years of usage for the baby to be.


  • Q: Are all of the items on your website suitable for newborns?
  • A: You can find products which are safe for newborns under the 'Newborns' tab on the website
  • Q: What is the lead time for the Dragons Luxury Baby Moses Basket?
  • A: 8 – 10 weeks. This includes the stand which comes with the basket
  • Q: Are the cosmetics bottles used for the Bramley Wellness Tent recyclable?
  • A: This product is made with 100% naturally derived ingredients. All packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable or biodegradable
  • Joy Archer is a trained journalist who defected from her job in the City to become an interior designer. Now, many fabulous projects later she combines her writing skills with her love of all things interiors and babies in her role as PR for Dragons of Walton Street. Joy’s favourite Dragons piece is the huge friendly brown lion which she pats every morning for good luck.

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