Setting up your newborn's bedroom: it's a boy

Setting up your newborn's bedroom: it's a boy

It's been only a couple of days since you received the sweet news: it's a boy!

You're about to become a parent for the first time and feel both scared and excited. Very little do you know about raising a child, and even though your parents did a great job with you, having to commence this path by yourself is an entirely different deal. You go back to your childhood memories and seek to remember what what would elate you, which part of your haven would keep you entertained. So how do you recreate for your new arrival the exact type of jovial environment that you grew up in?

If you’re looking for ideas on where to start, here’s a couple of items to inspire you:

Baby cots, cribs and cot beds

Choose the perfect cod bed for your child. Our hand-painted cot beds come in adjustable sizes to bring comfort to your child as they grow. View our cot beds here.

Kids white wooden sleigh cot bed with Peter Rabbit hand paintings


Can’t miss out on this one! Our luxury change units come with a chest of drawers, and together they make a beautiful all-in-one piece. View our changers here.

Kids wooden chest of drawers with changing top


Our bedding sets are made with the most delicate fabrics for a cosy look and feel to complete your nursery. View our bedding here.

Kids white embroidered cotton satin bedding set

Shelves & bookcases

Our shelves and bookcases add a classy touch to their bedroom, and you can choose among the best of Dragons’ artwork for a tailored design. View our shelves and bookcases here.

Kids wooden wall shelves with african safari hand paintings

We're constantly working to bring your dreams to life and supply you with various opportunities for customising your child's bedroom the way you want it to be. Our selection of artworks and hand-painted designs will lend your child's bedroom a distinctively creative look, making his bedroom an original and lively space.

You can feel a little relieved now because you know you did your best to properly welcome him to the world.

Now he's only a few months away - are you ready?

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