Redesigning your child’s bedroom

Redesigning your child’s bedroom

Children are full of energy and need constant stimulation from their surroundings, this is particularly important in their bedrooms. A child’s bedroom should reflect their interests and hobbies and of course this requires updating their furniture and decor as they grow and change.

Girl bedroom with Linen Blossom artwork design

But this does not mean that you need to plan a complete rehaul of their bedroom every time, there are quite a few simple ideas which will help to transform your child’s room without too much fuss. A fresh lick of paint or even a change to the bedroom’s layout can create a whole new setting and the novelty of a ‘new bedroom’.

Alternatively, new elements like a more grown-up bed or a proper desk can transform a child’s space to be more mature. These can be incorporated while changing the layout but it is important that you draw up a plan or consult with our interior design team to ensure that all items fit correctly and safely.

Hand painted artwork and murals

One of the easiest and most visible ways to transform your child’s nursery or bedroom is with a hand painted mural. These can include whichever magical characters you choose to really bring the walls of your child’s bedroom to life!

Bunnies design for hand-painted murals

Equally, Dragons offer original hand-painted designs on all of their furniture which you can hand pick to suit your room. These beautiful designs can update any interior and add originality and personality. The artwork can also be framed and hung on the wall as a watercolour or oil painting with personal touches such as name or initials included.

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Soft furnishings and fabric

To update the interior of your child’s nursery or bedroom without any construction or maneuvering of furniture, we suggest replacing curtains, pillowcases, bedspreads, and the addition of a few blankets. You can buy cushions or ottomans suitable for your child's age. Soft furnishings and fabrics can really make a big impact on a child’s room; choosing bright colors will make the room cheerful and festive, while warm pastel colors will help create a cosy, calm environment.

Curtain and cushions design for a kids room

The texture of the fabric and design can also play an important role. For example, organza curtains will create airiness and a visually free space while velvet will bring associations with luxury. Small rugs in the form of figures or objects will help tie together the updated design.

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Lighting and nature

Another great way of adding atmosphere to your child’s room is the addition of unusual lamps and lighting features. Additional light created by a new sconce or floor lamp will help make the room brighter and more spacious. You can also create accents by concentrating light on a specific area, for example, spotlights on framed artwork or shelving.

House shaped personalised night light

Figurines of animals or fairy-tale characters will also help to refresh your lighting selection and add personality to the room.

Indoor plants are not only a great idea to refresh the interior and freshen up the design of the house at no cost, but also a great thing for your health. These can be miniature flower pots or a large, stylish pot with an exotic tree. Another original option is to make a panel or a bouquet from natural material that can be hand-made or store bought.

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Hand-made elements at the nursery

A fun activity for you and your child can be to create self-made crafts to decorate their room with. You can create hand painted, embroidered or beaded pictures and frame them to hang on their walls. A favourite amongst our clients is to complete a large puzzle with their little one and then frame it to hang on the walls of the room.

Everything that is done by a child together with adults is doubly appreciated. The child will be proud of this and happy to be in their unique little world. Examples of simple and easily implementable ideas are applicable both for the design of a child's room and the whole house as a whole. Updating your rooms seasonally, without a huge amount of construction work will ensure fresh new environments for your children to enjoy without a lot of hassle!

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