Providing sweet dreams to your baby

Providing sweet dreams to your baby

Sleep is vital for a person at any age, but it is for children that it is critical for proper development. When children sleep as long as they need, they become healthier and calmer. The saying goes that children grow up in their sleep, and this is true. Growth hormone is released mainly during the deep sleep phase. Children with various types of sleep disorders grow more slowly than their peers.

Best conditions for your baby's restful sleep

Best conditions for restful sleep

If a child has systematic sleep problems, he will begin to misbehave — this is a bad mood, whims and a decrease in learning ability, and poor health, and so on.

The problem of children's sleep is such a hot topic that it is ultimately «overgrown» with parental opinions, beliefs and even signs. Someone has already found the perfect solution to the problem, but it will not necessarily be useful for other children. It is important to remember that all children are different, and if someone falls asleep to the noise of a working vacuum cleaner, then these sounds can, on the contrary, deprive another baby of sleep for the whole night.

However, there are several general ideas to follow to help your baby sleep well:

  • Rituals. Relaxing rituals before putting your child to bed are equally important. This can be a warm bath, reading fairy tales, quiet singing, quiet conversations before bed, and so on.
  • Terms. If possible, it is better to put the child's bed in a bedroom that is not associated with active activities, games, entertainment. It should be a familiar place for the baby, cosy, dark and well ventilated before every sleep.
  • Electronic devices. You need to adhere to a simple rule: no gadgets before bed. At least an hour (and this is the minimum) before bedding, exclude any child's contact with a TV, phone, tablet, computer and other electronic devices.
  • Food. The products your child eats affect their overall health and sleep quality in particular. Children cannot fall asleep calmly if they feel hungry, but a hearty dinner right before bed is no better.
  • Physical activity. This is a critical condition for quality sleep. The child just needs to move during the day to get rid of the excess energy that leads to over excitation at night. However, remember that it is better to exclude activity 1-4 hours before bedtime, otherwise, the effect will be the opposite: it will take a lot of time to calm down.
  • Parenting attitude. Children sleep better if they feel parental love. It is a sense of security, thanks to which the child's psyche can relax and rest all night without interruption.

Try different options and stick to all tips, and you will find the one that suits your child best.

The right sleeping time

Follow a regular night and day sleep schedule. Make a clear timetable by the hour: if your baby needs to go to bed at eight in the evening, then deviate from it only in cases of emergency. Besides, remember that going to bed late, especially after 9 pm, lowers the quality of your night's sleep. Regularity and consistency are your primary helpers. The same goes for naps, which is especially important for children under five years old.

The average duration of a child's sleep usually depends on many factors, ranging from age, gender, lifestyle, diet and degree of fatigue to external factors (general noise level, location, etc.). Try to put the baby to bed and wake him or her up at the same time. Sleep duration should be about 10-11 hours. Morning awakening should occur at 7 or 8 am. It depends on biorhythms and family habits, but do not wake up your child later.

Perfect bedding for kids

Arranging a special place for a child to sleep is a responsible and important task. As a rule, by the age of 3, the first crib is already small. The parents are faced with the question of replacement. Some believe that it makes no sense to buy a children's version, from which the baby will soon grow, and it is economically more profitable to purchase an adult model right away. This approach is fundamentally wrong. The correct sleeping place should be organized, considering the young family member's age's needs and characteristics.

Nightingale Cot Bed

The correct sleeping place should be appropriate for the child's height. Too big bed causes a feeling of discomfort — the child may worry and fall asleep poorly. The baby needs space to be free to sit and still feel comfortable. The height of the children's bed should not exceed 50 - 60 cm from the floor level. This is the optimal distance at which the child can climb up and down the bed safely and comfortably.

Baby cribs take up much less room space than adult ones. It is more expedient to use the free space for other purposes: to arrange the play area, put a table for modelling and drawing, equip a mini-gym or use it for outdoor games.

Choosing the bed

When choosing furniture for a child 2-5 years old, one should not forget that at this age he spends a lot of time playing on the floor. Therefore, all interior items should be compact in size and safe. Design is also fundamental to toddlers. For parents who are worried about their child's aesthetic education, it is better to buy a luxury baby cot with the image of their favourite characters from fairy tales or cartoons.

Sofia's Room artworks

Furniture for children is not just a whim but a vital necessity. A personal sleeping area should not only be comfortable and comfortable. The crib, purchased taking into account the child's wishes and age characteristics, will allow him to feel like a full member of the family to confirm his importance and status. The Dragons of Walton Street shop can help you to choose a fairy-tale castle, a cozy house, a pirate ship or even a fashionable car. All bespoke kids beds are designed using safe materials and can be decorated with hand-painted artworks.

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