Part Two: A Dragons Photoshoot

Part Two: A Dragons Photoshoot

Read the story of what goes on behind the scenes of our photoshoots.

This one is particularly special as we capture the first professional shots of our mural wallpaper, Blossom Tree.

On Location

It was a peaceful sunny August morning as I turned my car off the A24 into this narrow, bumpy lane, nestled amongst tall trees in the West Sussex countryside. Quaint little signs then led me to a hillside country garden and a beautiful English Mansion house. This was the opening scene for the Dragons team, on the set of our Blossom Tree mural wallpaper photo shoot, initially hand painted by Juliet Travers earlier this year. With the car locked and a stretch of the legs, a pin might as well have dropped, I would've heard it! Seeing the cluster of shoes I found at the large entrance doors, I left my trainers and headed upstairs, I then heard some familiar voices.


Lucinda our Managing Director and assistant, Bella are here discussing the list of frames they need to capture. This list had a duplicate, one that had been amended throughout the day with Lucinda’s important notes and you can imagine this floating about amongst all the furniture, props and accessories - we had a few times of calling out, “where’s the shot list?!”

Managing Director and assistant

Here are a few more of us from behind the scenes. From left to right interior designer, Prima, videographer, Matt, fabric and wallpaper designer, Juliet Travers with our MD Lucinda Croft.

From left to right Dragons logistics, Oliver, Scott and Nash and photographer, Nick.

Oliver, Scott, Nash and Nick

Production Manager of Dragons, Ninja Bex a nickname we gave her since she is the lady that whips things into shape, from managing our design projects, organising our artists schedules to the most crucial of all…photoshoot lunches.

team lunch

It wouldn't be a Dragons photoshoot without her exquisite homemade quiche, salad, cheese-board and banana cake! Matt, we’re right behind you on seconds!


We had some more friendly faces visit us from the Dragons studio, our artists Becky, Chris and also Terry who paints our popular soldier artwork and having worked with us for 39 years had his first experience of being on set of a Dragons photoshoot. He was delighted to see his brush finish work on the Regency furniture collection against the mural wallpaper. ur artists don’t often get to see their work within the home so it was a special moment for them to see everything in situ.



Having said that, this photoshoot was particularly special for everyone to see how it all came together. The collaboration with Juliet Travers for Dragons of Walton Street started on 10th January 2018 and it’s a real milestone for both teams, but more about the collaboration in next week’s blog so please come back for this read. Meanwhile follow the story #CatchTheBlossom on Instagram to see teasers of the wallpaper. 

It's a Wrap!

Since we were on location in a real mansion house and the clock ticked onto 5pm it was time to piece the room back together. We dressed a French shabby chic bed, hotel style and added in an ottoman seat at the edge of the bed. With our wallpaper as a backdrop, it made a spectacular guest room. We also created a reading corner and placed the chaise lounge near the window for this incredible view…


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