Tune in: great news from Dragons!

Tune in: great news from Dragons!

Way sooner than expected, August is coming to an end, and the summer vibes are slowly fading away. It's been a tough year for many brands because of covid and the restrictions, but we've managed to keep our doors open and always be responsive to our lovely clients.

Here on the quaint Walton Street, life seems to have gone back to normal. With most shops and cafes re-opening, it's a lot nicer to have a walk around meeting our neighbours and passers-by, and it sure feels like a new, productive year is lying ahead. 

Riding the wave of this (hopefully) long-lasting positiveness, we've been having some fun reworking our showroom window and are in the process of transforming our lower ground floor into a whole new space for Dragons or third parties events. How exciting!


Our delivery van and logistics people have been driving back and forth from our Sussex studio to London to collect, remove and deliver furniture pieces to help us with the new setup. They've been doing quite a fantastic job, and we're all so grateful to have such dedicated people within Dragons. 

The first step was to design and have our artist hand-paint a sandwich board and a brand-new eye-catching plaque with our logo swinging to the wind. When you move to the main window and peek inside, get ready to be amazed! Our uniquely gorgeous and upgraded racing car bed in pink is going to have you wow faster than any real car out there. 

Featuring a Swarovski thunderbolt on both doors, remote-controlled headlights and underneath lights, and a small yet functional storage unit right under the spoiler, the pink racing car bed is a true wonder for any girl who's passionate about sports cars. Add our luxury bedding set, coming with a mattress, quilted cushions and pillows, for a stunning, elegant finish.


Once you've walked by the racing car bed awe, you'll delve into our collections of toyboxes, chests of drawers, dolls houses, cot beds, and many more bespoke pieces and toys. Oh, you surely won't hesitate to pick up one of our dainty hairbrushes and closely look at our iconic rush seated chairs!

Although we're in the process of revamping the lower ground floor, when you head downstairs, you'll encounter our wild jeep car bed with matching furniture, paintings, and a lovely collection of safari animals. Our massive, friendly lion will be delighted to welcome you, and you needn't be scared; he's such a sweetie! We're now reviewing the whole layout; we're clearing the space to have more room for a whole lot of events we're launching from September onwards. 

We wish to get closer to our clients and empower our community! Therefore, we'll be throwing all kinds of events, from birthday parties, painting classes, talks, and much more. We can't wait to welcome both parents and children and have a great time with all of you!


We have so many upcoming projects we've been relentlessly working on, particularly one in collaboration with our friends at Fromental who have designed a gorgeous wallpaper featuring the infamous characters of Beatrix Potter tales, that we'll be unveiling soon. We're looking forward to having you join us on our Instagram page as well as in our showroom. Please, stay tuned for further info and continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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