Must-Have Luxury Furniture and Accents for Your Nursery

Must-Have Luxury Furniture and Accents for Your Nursery

Dragons of Walton Street is the most exciting place in the world to visit when you are daydreaming about creating your perfect baby’s room. Whether it is popping in to buy a single piece of luxury nursery furniture, or to experience the most indulgent interior design service, geared simply to painting your imagination, Dragons is base camp for the most luxurious baby dreams. Whilst none of our pieces are anything short of the best in class, there are a few standout pieces that are must haves if you are planning to create a nursery experience that will dazzle grown-ups and define a childhood.

1. The Most Luxurious Moses Basket in the World

Luxury baby furniture peaks with the Dragons Luxury Moses Basket. Glimmering with handpicked and handcut glass crystals with mirrored and iridescent backs, this Moses basket is pure baby couture. Every stitch, every detail, is achieved by hand, with French chantilly lace and finest French silk crepe creating both depth and subtle shimmer.

The only choice to make is whether your little one should be blessed with the traditional hood or with the regal coronet.

Imagine laying your precious bundle in this basket and knowing that this Moses basket will set the tone for their wonderful life. Pure luxury baby bliss!

2 Trinkets Shelf for Daily Dainties



Dainty pretty trinkets for babies are so cute and magical, who wants them hidden away in a drawer? Display your dainties on a sweet handmade Lucinda Shelf. The best feature of this shelf is that you can choose a themed artwork to be hand painted on the shelves, which really elevates and emphasises the high quality of this piece.

3 Elevated Embroidered Bedding


Hand-embroidered bedding is a luxury at any age, but for a newborn, it is pure bliss and a generous token from anyone who has the great taste to treat a little one to this special extra touch. Dragons embroidered bedding is lovingly hand stitched and is made of 100% linen or any one of Dragons' luxury fabrics. Dragons has a collection of pre-embroidered options, however, to really step up the luxury game, try Dragons bespoke embroidery service, where you can develop your own design. Why not ramp up the with luxury silk cotton?

4 Monogrammed hairbrush


Babies have the softest, most delicate hair on Earth. Don’t care for your newborn’s hair with any old hairbrush! Dragons of Walton Street hairbrushes are crafted specially by the oldest brush makers in Britain and are lovingly hand painted by our team of in-house artists. Treat your newborn or a friend’s newborn to a monogrammed hairbrush which they can use for decades due to its superlative quality, and which looks fabulous on display in your nursery.

5 The Game Changing Table


A dedicated changing table is such an amazing luxury! But luxury nursery furniture does not come more gracious than Dragons Walton Changing Table. This sweet changing table is inspired by Swedish / Scandinavian style, revisited to be at home in any modern interior. The details of this piece are chosen with care – lovely wild rose motifs are carved above every foot and a string of pearls outline the contours of each piece, symbolising sweetness and refinement.

This changing table is made with the finest solid birch, which comes from eco-managed forests in Northern Europe. In addition to being very easy on the eye, the Walton Changing Table features high secure edges and has been made ergonomic and highly practical due to its sliding tray (left or right), which allows the baby’s parents easy access to baby products. Two storage shelves and a changing mat are included with this gorgeous table, which comes in a variety of colourways.

Joy Archer is a trained journalist who defected from her job in the City to become an interior designer. Now, many fabulous projects later, she combines her writing skills with her love of all things interiors and babies in her role as PR for Dragons of Walton Street. Joy’s favourite Dragons piece is the huge friendly brown lion which she pats every morning for good luck.

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