It's easy, baby! Transform a corner of your home into a nursery for the new arrival

Dragons of Walton Street Admin February 07, 2011

Motherhood is paved with good intentions. Before the baby arrives you go to extraordinary lengths preparing everything in orderly fashion — the cot, chest of drawers, pictures on the walls, chiming toys.

But the reality is different. Within weeks of the baby having arrived, the house looks as if it's been rattled by a cyclone and the mother's nerves are fraying at the edges.

One solution, of course, is move to a house that's big enough to have a dedicated nursery where you can close the door at night and, miraculously, the place is pristine in the morning.

Cute and stylish: It is possible to have a beautiful nursery grown ups will love too

However, if you have limited space, there are some simple ways in which you can create an attractive and practical environment for a newborn baby.

According to Sharon Lillywhite, of interior design company Oliver Burns Interiors,, Mary Poppin's-style nurseries, using vintage pieces such as patchwork quilts and dolls houses are the fashionable choice.

She advises having one focal piece, such as a rocking horse or a bespoke cot. Nursery boutique Dragons, of Walton Street, South-West London, sell their cots for £995,, but Ikea and Habitat stock them for much less.

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