Interview with Dmitry Grishin for L'Officiel

Interview with Dmitry Grishin for L'Officiel

Renowned for being the one official source of fashion, art, culture and lifestyle inspiration, international publication L'Officiel Cyprus dedicated today's issue to Dragons of Walton Street and interviewed one of our Managing Partners, Dmitry Grishin.

L'Officiel sat with Dmitry and invited him to take them through Dragons of Walton Street's story and how it became the children's furniture industry's go-to brand.

About Dragons

The article goes through our bespoke pieces and how we constantly manage to exceed clients' expectations. Dmitry gave an overview of our hand-painted artworks and discussed how we can customise every single piece in our collection with the design that our clients like the most.

Dragons' vision

After coming across some of our finest and most sought-after collection, L'Officiel inquired about what Dragons has in store for the future. The vision is to expand worldwide and find a perfect balance between British tradition and innovative technologies. We have already set up our e-commerce platform to widen our reach. We welcomed more designers onboard who come with their diverse perspective and strong ideas. Also, we're currently looking to open more showrooms worldwide.

Bespoke design

Although we still want to invest in business digitalisation, we'd love to build a physical presence reaching more cities across the world and keep creating strong relationships.

Read the entire article here.

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