How to Protect Kids from Sharp Corners on Furniture

How to Protect Kids from Sharp Corners on Furniture

Sharp corners can be dangerous for kids, especially those still learning to walk. A child who falls into a sharp corner could suffer serious injuries. While the most practical way to avoid this is by using corner protectors on all the furniture that your child plays with, it is also essential to be vigilant about the furniture you buy for your kids.

This article lets you learn more about sharp corners, how to remove them, and furniture with smooth edges you may find interesting!

Why It Is Important To Protect Kids From Sharp Corners on Furniture

Furniture is one of the most popular purchases. People want furniture that will last and stand the test of time, does not take up too much space, and be a good value for their hard-earned money. Sharp corners on furniture can cause severe injuries to children, especially those between ages 0-4. These sharp corners can lead to lacerations and cuts requiring hospitalisation and surgical care.

There are many reasons why the sharp corners of furniture should be covered with a safety guard. The most common reason is that it prevents accidental falls from happening. Sharp corners can also cause injuries if a child falls off the edge of the furniture or if they hit it. Another reason for covering sharp edges is that it protects the child from being poked by a sharp edge and getting hurt or infected.

The best way to cover up sharp edges is by using corner protectors made of soft material like foam, plastic, or rubber that will not damage furniture when installed on top.

However, it is also beneficial to buy furniture that does not have sharp corners. They are life-savers!

Taking Safety Into Consideration When Buying Furniture

Although some parents believe that safety is not a factor to consider when buying furniture, it should be. When it comes to children, safety should always come first. Parents need to be assured that their child will be safe in the furniture before purchasing it.

Many furniture pieces have sharp corners, some of which can be harmful to kids—because of this, buying furniture that doesn't have sharp corners is a good idea. It is also suitable for adults who want to avoid the risk of getting injured by sharp corners, as they can cause severe injuries in kids because they often bump their heads on the corner, causing bleeding and headaches.

Safety is one of the essential aspects when buying furniture for your family. It's crucial to use a furniture checklist for every purchase and ensure that your furniture choice meets safety standards!

Removing Sharp Edges From Furniture

You've probably been injured by sharp edges many times. The solution for eliminating tiny cuts and bruises was to cover the sharp edges of the furniture. These tips work on any type of furniture. 

Baby Proofing Corner Protector

Protectors like these are designed to prevent babies from getting hurt by sharp objects. Users of all ages can use this product. It simply sticks to furniture edges with adhesive. 


If your furniture has sharp edges, you can fix them with a piece of foam attached to the wall with double-sided tape. You can complete this project in no time. 

Market Products

Furniture's sharp edges can be covered with various products on the market.

Furniture With No Sharp Corners

Dragons of Walton Street offers a variety of products with no sharp corners! Here are they:

Dragons HB16 Helicopter Bed

Helicopter Bed

The Dragons Helicopter Bed is part of our bespoke children's bed collection, so no two beads are exactly alike. The dashboard comes with a customised joystick, speed dial, clock, radio and speaker. Depending on the brief, the bed could have a vintage or modern, fully-lit dashboard. As of right now, this unique piece can only fit a small double mattress.

It is beautifully upholstered inside our kids' helicopter bed. It includes blue and white exterior lighting. You can add flags on the tail, on the front, and the sides for a variety of personalisation features. There is also an option to have a ladder and a top deck. Using fibreglass for this new collection, this statement bed marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Dragons. We have been able to design and craft glass-smooth curves with a highly polished surface since venturing into this type of craftsmanship.

The Dragons JB23 - Jeep Bed

Jeep Bed

Many children dream about going on safari, seeing beautiful animals, and taking in the scenery. The safari experience is not complete without a crucial part.

Featuring working headlights, an upholstered backboard, and a personalised number plate, the JB23 Jeep Bed, is the ultimate dream for every young explorer.

Sussex Sofa Bed

Sussex Sofa

Your nursery, bedroom, playroom, or study room can now have a fully versatile sofa bed!

A maternity nurse can come and take care of your baby in the early weeks of their life with this upholstered two-seater sofa that converts to a single bed.


Children, especially those still learning to walk, are at risk from sharp corners. An accident at a sharp corner could be dangerous. Corner protectors should be used on all furniture your child plays with, but it is also essential to be careful when choosing furniture for your children! Choose the best furniture with no sharp edges in your kid's room.

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