Recently we have had some of our original customers from 30 years ago coming into the showroom and telling us they are handing down their children's furniture to their children's children to use! When I mentioned we could give the furniture a repaint, one of the client's commented that, "My son would never let you touch it as he loves the furniture so much and has such fond memories of having the pieces all around him!"

Every so often you may want to give a piece of Dragons of Walton Street furniture a new lease of life, whether passing it on to a new member of the family or a lifelong friend. After all, teenagers rarely share the same enthusiasm for Peter Rabbit as they did when they were five. So why not take advantage of our fabulous repainting service? Our expert artists will spruce up any piece of furniture originally bought from Dragons of Walton Street to ensure you get as much use out of it as possible. Please call us in our showroom on 020 7589 3795 to discuss the options.

We are proud that our furniture is forever pieces and being able to give it a fresh look is also a great use of resources too. I do hope you choose to buy our furniture and get to pass it on too!