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Expanding our collections with brand new additions

Working our way through new partnerships and collaborations, Dragons always sources the best-in-class brands for children we can partner with.

And when Christmas began to make us feel its vibes, we urged to stock our shelves and cabinets with such unique pieces to provide our clients with a whole new shopping experience.

Ranging from accessories and bedding to stationery, we're delighted to introduce:


Starting their journey by creating innovative soft toys in London, Jellycat combines luxurious fabrics with designs that are sometimes quirky, sometimes cute, and always offer something different that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Among the products we love the most is their Bashful Bunny Blanket, currently available in 3 colours: beige, blue and pink. 

And guess what, they're literally flying off the shelf!


Behind OMY are two Parisian makers, Elvire Laurent and Marie-Cerise Licthlé, originally graphic designers. They experiment on innovative and graphically different products, staying on top of fashion and design trends.

They developed a creative concept in a giant, unexpected format that's become an absolute must-have: the XXL colouring roll.

Check out the London Colouring Poster, the Decorative Tropical Roll, and the 100 Dual Tip Pen Markers box.

Coco Cuscino

Set up in 2009 by the genius creativity of founder Leila Hackett who noticed a gap in the market for high end, beautiful bespoke cushions for children, Coco Cuscino has grown into a broader luxury soft furnishing and home fragrance brand. All products are hand made in the UK with fabrics and fragrances sourced in-house. 

Choose between blue, green and pink, input your child's name - and even the date of birth - to get the sweetest Personalised Cushion you'll find out there.


What are you waiting for? Come shop now!

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