Emotional Wellbeing: Why is it important at a young age?

Emotional Wellbeing: Why is it important at a young age?

Why is it important at a young age?

Children’s emotional wellbeing is a topic that is now starting to get the attention it deserves with people finally talking about a subject that is so important to your child’s development.

It is something quite close to our hearts here at Dragons of Walton Street and in our latest blog piece, we are discussing how a safe and playful environment could be the perfect solution for nurturing your child’s emotional health.

 A Calming Environment for Your Child

Fun and playful interiors are regularly used at children’s hospitals in order to create an environment that children find calming and helpful to their emotional wellbeing during the more turbulent times. 

We have taken this concept at Dragons and developed it into the lovingly created, hand drawn children’s wallpaper and murals you will find right here at our site. Murals in particular could be the perfect tonic as they can be created to your child’s specific personality and interests. Applicable to walls, ceilings and floors of all sizes, these can be a versatile and a truly bespoke way of transforming a child’s living space into an ambient and hospitable environment.

Safari Mural with Tiger 

How To Help

The most important part about nurturing your child’s emotional wellbeing is  giving them the confidence to express their feelings.

An open dialogue with your child is so important and our new 'My Feelings Alphabet' is a tool we hope will help this. Our very special alphabet print has been designed exclusively for Dragon's by illustrator Charlie Loxley who specialises in creating artwork to help inspire and nurture positivity. It combines calming pastel colours with playful illustrations. The alphabet includes a variety of emotions related to animals your child can associate with. A creative and visually stimulating tool to help young children explore and express how they are feeling.

We feel very strongly that children’s emotional wellbeing should be considered equally alongside physical health so we have chosen to support Place2Be, a UK based children’s mental health charity that is doing great work in schools across the country. A donation will be made to the charity with every sale of the My Feelings Alphabet.


My Feelings Alphabet

Inspiring Childhood Dreams

At Dragons, we have been inspiring childhood dreams for over three decades and this could be perfect for any little ones who have been experiencing problems when it comes to their emotional wellbeing. A neutral, relaxing environment could well be the best way to help calm your child during periods of anxiety, certainly during the evening when they are likely to spend extended periods of time in their bedroom.

Much like a fully-grown adult, a child’s surroundings are crucial to their mental state. If you are worried about this aspect of your son or daughter’s development, why not consider creating a safer and brighter environment in the home? You can see some fantastic examples of some of the artwork designs we recommend for your child by clicking here.

"The greatest resource we have is the minds of our children"


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