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Royal Romance

Showroom window

Dear All,

We are on the eve of one of the most romantic days and I do hope you are all able to join in...... who can remember where they were on Princess Diana's wedding day? I know my mother closed the curtains  in our playroom and insisted we watch this huge event, and even though we sneaked through the curtains into the garden at times, I remember it vividly! I  know I can't wait to watch the pageantry and majesty, who can resist a 'commoner' arriving at the Abbey and leaving a Princess, it is the stuff little girls dreams are made of, you throw in a beautiful carriage and a Royal kiss on  the Buckingham Palace balcony at 1.25pm exactly and which girl will not be watching!!!! Our Four-poster bed draped in beautiful Flower Fairy fabric would not be a bad place for her to spend her last night as a single girl,to complete the fairytale picture, let's hope she has sweet dreams and we wish them all the best.

Lucinda x

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