Dundas and Dragons

Dundas & Dragons

  1. Dundas London is a British luxury men's shirting company specialising in 100% linen and brushed cotton shirts designed in London, England. Their fabrics are organic, ethically sourced and sustainably made. The brand focuses on a single product done exceptionally well: a shirt that combines a relaxed attitude with simple formality.

Founded in 2015, Dundas are all about discovering the finest quality materials and the most attentive manufacture, sustainability and responsible sourcing.

Like Dragons, Dundas has established itself as an authentic, premium British shirting brand, and after exploring their quality products and creative approach to manufacture, we've indeed come to appreciate how much our brands have in common.

Both our brands genuinely wish to empower the relationship - and strengthen the bond - between children and parents: Dragons, by creating a safe and relaxing environment they can thrive in; Dundas by equipping dads with premium apparel they can comfortably wear when playing with the children.

Our shared love for providing both children and parents with the best bespoke solutions has turned into a beautiful union! And we're so thrilled to announce that Dundas have kindly offered our clients 15% off their products throughout June and July.

Use the discount code DRAGONS15 at their checkout and enjoy Dundas!

Dundas and Dragons
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