Designer Dolls House Fit for a Little Princess

Designer Dolls House Fit for a Little Princess

Dragons of Walton Street - the finest hand-painted children's furniture and kids furniture - are pleased to recently appear on baby-friendly boltholes™. 

If you're looking for the Georgian house of your dreams but can't quite make the mortgage requirements, these stunning handmade Georgian dolls' houses from the Knightsbridge children's emporium Dragons of Walton Street might be the next best thing. Getting on this particular housing ladder isn't cheap either, with finished articles - complete with electricity, bespoke wallpaper and sumptuous fabrics - selling for more than £2,000.

"A dolls' house sums up the magic and innocence of childhood," says Dragons MD Lucinda Croft, mum of two. "It encourages children to use their imagination and allows parents to get carried away in the nostalgia."

Dragons of Walton Street are best-known for designing gorgeous nurseries and bedrooms for celebrities and international royalty including Princes William and Harry, so their affluent clients are tasking that same attention to create unique, bespoke dolls' houses. 

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Doll House for Little Princess

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