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How to create a beautiful princess bedroom

Everybody cherishes fairytales.

If not for the individual stories per se, surely for the characters we get to grow so fond of. Their bravery, enterprises, and passion are inspirational for any child, from their early age to adulthood. Parents still carry along that dream time of their life when they could genuinely abandon themselves to magic, charming tales - where all kinds of fantasies seemed so easy to conceive.

Romantic plots, princes and princesses, fascinating castles, chivalry and honour, are at the foundation of each story we were told as children, and other than the heart-warming sensations they'd spark in us, they also tended to be highly educational. They would teach us values, ethics and manners we couldn't have rightly learned otherwise.

Princess Bedroom Furniture ideas | Dragons of Walton Street

As parents, we wish our children feel the same way, that they too can create their own fairytale from the moment they're born. Doesn't every parent want to call their daughter a princess?

At Dragons, we support your childhood fantasies and work alongside you to make that fairytale come true through our wide range of princess bedroom ideas!

Creating an enchanting little princess room

If you wish to re-create that fairytale style for your baby girl and gift her with a gorgeous princess bedroom set, we can make that happen for you!

Our Regency Nursery set features luxury baby cribs and cot beds with the option of adding a canopy, chest of drawers and changer, half bumper and cot quilt, and a wide selection of artworks you can choose from. The ornate French style of the Regency Set has a modern and elegant feel and looks beautiful with or without artwork.

All pieces are beautifully manufactured and hand-painted by our team in Sussex!

Make a fairy tale come true

With your little girl growing into the most beautiful child, we have more options to provide her with a princess themed bedroom.

The Cinderella carriage bed is the ultimate design wonder and can make that fairy tale come true! Combining traditional with modern, it features drapes, an upholstered headboard inside, a Swarovski-encrusted crown on top, and it comes with plenty of options you can upgrade to.

Live the dream with our statement furniture and luxury design!

Add small touches to make it perfect

Complete your set with accessories proper of a royal room to render the whole experience even more realistic.

You can select among a whole array of pieces featuring fairies or ribbons paintings, shelves and bookends, as well as flowers and artworks, and apply it to smaller items like our hairbrushes and toys.

Let your baby girl become a princess at once!

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