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Choosing the best luxury cot bed for your baby

While waiting for the birth of a child, many parents prepare their baby’s first room in advance: they make repairs, buy furniture and choose all the necessary accessories. Every adult who has already become a parent has goosebumps when looking at a crib because the most precious moments of life are associated with this object. There is no greater happiness on Earth than admiring your sweet, sleeping child.

You may not remember what your first crib was, but no one will forget the nest where their little son or daughter snoozed sleepily. If you’re expecting a little one and the choice of a baby cot is ahead, «Dragons of Walton Street» will help navigate the sea of ​​choices and determine the best model for your baby.

Before your baby is ready for the cot bed, they begin life in a moses basket, which is also called a cradle. The child spends the first months of their life in this small cocoon with its main features being compactness, mobility and a rocking function. The small volume of the cradle is important for the baby to feel protected, the warmth and cosiness reminds them of the comfort of their mother's womb. A place where the baby falls asleep calmly and sleeps soundly.

Cot Bedroom

When organising a nursery space for a newborn, you need to create comfortable conditions for both the baby and the mother. Thinking over the arrangement of furniture, you can rely on the principle of symmetry, then the room will be perceived comfortably, neatly and beautifully, regardless of size. But do not clutter the room with furniture — leave free space, so that in the future the baby has the opportunity to explore the world around him. Next to the bed, it is better to provide a changer and chest of drawers on which you can place the items necessary for caring for the baby.

What is the ideal crib to sleep tightly?

Classic models of Dragons cribs are designed for babies from 0 to 5 years old. A convenient and inexpensive option that is made from wood and carefully hand-painted by our artists. Such furniture gained popularity due to significant advantages:

  • It is made from natural wood. The wood is carefully sanded and not varnished, which ensures the maximum environmental safety of the product;
  • The depth of the bed bottom is adjustable. The highest position is provided for newborns, the lounger placed at the bottom of the bed prevents the child from falling;
  • The sides of the bed are removable, by removing one of them, you can turn the product into a small bed for young toddlers, increasing the longevity of the cot bed.
  • Some models have built-in drawers for bedding and toys.

This reliable, practical design really lasts a long time. A comfortable, high-quality, beautiful bed will become a good helper in the most important stages of raising a child. A well-slept, rested baby will always be in a good mood.

A children's room is a place that caring parents try to make as comfortable and interesting as possible for their child. It is filled with many interesting, fun things, and of course, an integral part of it is premium class luxury furniture for children to ensure safety and comfort for your child.

Made of high-quality materials, the furniture will withstand the most active children's games with ease and its unique, hand-painted design will emphasise the unique character of the beloved child.

Requirements for safe construction and comfort materials

The main requirement for all products for children is safety. The cot bed should be comfortable and safe for the baby and parents. Every detail matters, when choosing your furniture and «Dragons of Walton Street» presents the most wonderful selection with every necessary factor taken into consideration.

Choose a style based on the size of the room. The bed should not interfere with movement and fit comfortably into the interior. Before buying, think about what functions the bed should combine: be equipped with drawers, a nursery set, etc.

Why the artwork is necessary for a luxury baby bed

Luxury baby cots made of wood will appeal not only to parents but also to the baby. These models are both beautiful and comfortable that add a touch of warmth and cosiness to the interior of the house. Luxury cot beds are presented in calm, light shades with soft tones to gently soothe the child. This palette is optimal for a night of healthy, sound sleep.

Each model has a unique design and very neat, unobtrusive design. Dragons Cot beds for children have a number of advantages:

  • Made of high quality material;
  • Covered with beautiful and safe paints and varnishes;
  • Complemented with high bumpers with optimal spacing between the vertical bars;
  • Equipped with spacious boxes for linen and personal belongings.

One of Dragons of Walton Street’s elite cribs, the sleigh cot bed, includes an original scroll back. Such models look beautiful and are harmoniously combined with the comfortable atmosphere of the children's bedroom. Also, every luxury set from Dragons is decorated with hand paintings from the in-house artists. These designs can be entirely bespoke to the client and include everything from sweet Beatrix Potter characters to playful elephants.

Cot Bed

Luxury cots always meet all safety and reliability standards of furniture for children. In addition, it will favourably emphasize the status of the owner of the house and will instil a good aesthetic taste from an early age.

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