Art Studio: Our new repainting service

Art Studio: Our new repainting service

As we approach the end of October, we're looking forward to celebrating Halloween and seeing pictures of our clients' children dressed up accordingly trick-or-treating around London. We're so thrilled!

This month, we took the opportunity to launch a new campaign around a renowned theme we're extremely sensitive about: preserving nature and our planet. As we continue our journey into expanding our business and working on new, innovative products, we're always committed to being environmentally friendly, respectful and mindful of nature and earth by using only materials that would never damage our wonderful planet.

Being sustainable and contributing to reducing carbon footprint is at the core of what we do here at Dragons, so we decided to name our campaign EARTH MATTERS. To fulfil this purpose and do our little part, we've introduced a new repainting service called Art Studio.

Repainting services

Instead of disposing of your beautiful furniture, we'll revamp your pieces with new artwork or restore them completely. This service will allow you to pass your furniture on to your children - who are now parents - as an heirloom, or use it for your second child. You can now choose from:

  • Repainting on Dragons furniture
  • Painting illustrations on third-party furniture
  • Painting murals

  • You'll need to send us a selection of images, choose an artwork or describe an idea, let us assess the feasibility and come back to you to discuss the project in detail.

    Read more about Art Studio here and join us in making the world a better place - because it matters. Because you and your children matter. Because earth - our earth - matters.

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