8 Ways to Announce your Pregnancy!

8 Ways to Announce your Pregnancy!

Congratulations! You're Expecting!

And if you’ve been waiting those long three cautious months, you’ll be bursting with excitement to tell your friends and family. Or perhaps you’ve just seen the test is positive and you’re wondering how you’ll break the news to your partner. We’ve got some fun ways on how you go about making your big announcement.


1) Surprise Opening

Choose a good size box, big enough for a balloon to fit in and let daddy-to-be open a surprise. You could go as stylish as you like with on-trend confetti balloons in pink or blue. If you don’t plan on finding out the gender, make sure to include a little note with the words ‘we’re having a mini us’.

Art with elephant and balloons

2) You're Invited

Gather your loved ones for an intimate dinner party, and when you serve up dessert present a fashionable drip cake with It’s a Girl/Boy piping.

Art with celebration picnic

3) Get it on Social Media

For all Instagrammers, Facebookers, Tweeters and/or Youtubers tell your community without saying a word…in a boomerang of you and your partner holding pink and blue booties. You’ll get everyone in anticipation of whether you're having a girl or boy.  

baby boots

4) Wear and Share your News

Maybe you’re expecting your second, third, fourth or (whoah) fifth?! #SuperParents

What would be really sweet is if you let your children do the talking with personalised t-shirts. This one works really well especially if you’re not ready for everyone to find out at the same time because it can be overwhelming, what with the ‘afternoon sickness’ (it’s not just in the morning!). They could wear them on each family or friends gathering you go to, slightly taking the pressure off.


5) Baby Love

Here’s one for the couples that may want to spend more time together - the monday to friday, 9-5 thing can be pretty gruelling and having an incredible joy like this be announced on your evening dinner together may not be enough. Treat your partner to a day out and when you’re asked, ‘what is this in aid of?’ you can share the happy news.

6) Don't Say it, Play it!

Friday game night with friends is an ideal opportunity. Play a round of hangman to reveal your celebration. They’ll immediately know with Charades or Pictionary!

Can with pencils

7) A Touching Gift

One of the most traditional ways of sharing the news of your pregnancy is framing the picture of the ultrasound and gifting it to the grandparents. So classic and heartwarming. If you know whether you’re having a cute Charlotte or a charming George you could have Linen Blossom or Terry's Soldiers painted on one of our photo frames. 

Frame for a gift

8) Mini Things 

When two become three. Let’s see if your partner notices a third mini toothbrush in the toothbrush holder or another mini place setting at breakfast or a mini umbrella in the umbrella stand. We’re hoping it clicks before they step out for work!

No matter which way you choose to enlighten your close relatives and friends on becoming parents-to-be we’re sure it’ll be as fun, joyous, and as celebratory as you hoped! 

Congratulations again!

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