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Lettering and Trim Colours for Personalised Nursery Decor

We provide a personalisation service on a number of products adding a child's name or initials and/or dates of birth.

We can also offer bespoke trim colours. The 'trim' is the term we give to the contrast colour we use to pick out the product's edges or carved detail including the knobs on chest of drawers and wardrobes. You will find our most popular trims per artwork choice when you look at each product, but can always call us on +44 (0)203 544 2000 if you would like to pick a different one not listed.

Personalised nursery accessories and furniture for your newborn

Choosing furniture for children is a very meaningful task that parents encounter. Sure, there are thousands of showrooms offering countless options, but when thinking about buying necessities for one’s own child, particularly a newborn, something personalised hand-painted with a name makes their nursery extra special.

For example, having baby chairs with name is a great idea to place in their nursery room or playroom. They’ll feel it’s something that belongs to no-one else, but themselves. Furthermore, considering the extremely high quality of what we offer at Dragons of Walton Street, they will last for a lifetime. This means that they can even pass these items on to their kids of their own in the future, showing them how important it is to have a heritage within the family.

Personalisation requires the personal touch

Colour is the fundamental aspect that gives life to a room or to any furniture piece. Colour is what takes a room from dull and lifeless into a desirable haven that’s full of vitality. Our artists and designers work passionately to cultivate the Dragons colour palette, but also to inject colour from other realms of the spectrum when it comes to bespoke requests. Our talented artists are at the heart of our creations, allowing us to offer unique nursery design schemes for all of our clients.

Besides colour, clients can also choose furniture shapes, themes, concepts which complement the personalisation aspect beautifully.

Customise any furniture with your child’s name and date of birth

The baby’s room is a place where they will spend the early years of their lives. These years are extremely important, since they will determine how developed and prepared they are to face their toddler years and potentially their adolescent stage.

Since a name is an everlasting part of a child’s identity, defining the space with a personalised name for baby nursery provides the stepping stone of association, recognition of the language their born into and learning the shapes of letters. All this within their name. Our sales team develop heartfelt relationships with our clients so that when it comes to choosing where a name is going to be painted, perhaps specific accessories, like a Rush Seat Chair or at the headboard of a cot bed or even enveloped within a mural, parents know their baby’s nursery has been celebrated with their personality. As always, in our showroom we want to give all the choice to our customers. That is why there are even more ways on how to personalise, including:

    • first name
    • family name
    • initials
    • birth date;
    • and anything else that the customer wishes!

No matter if the client wants initials or to mention an important date in the furniture our team are always more than happy in narrowing down the selection. Client satisfaction is paramount for us. We want parents to feel that they got exactly what they wanted and bespoke personalised pieces does just that!