Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the artwork on the furniture hand-painted or stencilled?

Dragons of Walton Street sells the finest children’s hand painted furniture in the world, which really is hand painted for each individual client by our highly trained team of artists at our beautiful studios in Sussex. Each piece sold by Dragons is therefore a unique work of art, no two pieces are exactly the same.

Q: Can I really have any design I like even if I cannot find it on the site?

Yes you can, (providing it does not contravene copyright law). Many of our clients simply send fabric and wallpaper swatches from their room scheme to which we work. We can transfer designs from such samples or suggest sympathetic designs, which will compliment other things in the room. We can also illustrate a favourite story or rhyme or just choose for you. We have a highly skilled and talented team who are experienced in interpreting and carrying out a diverse range of briefs, anything from fairy tales to family pets.

Q: How is the white furniture painted?

The white furniture pieces are sprayed in child-friendly non toxic water based paint that meets UK health and safety standards. A multi layer process provides a smooth base for any artwork you might choose to have. All our furniture items are available in soft white or in oak or alternatively a special hand brushed paint finish can be applied in any colour you might choose to go with you interior.

Q: What materials are used in the construction?

For longevity and the decorative properties of our furniture, Dragons uses a combination of hardwood frames from sustainably sourced beech and poplar with panels cut from painted board for stability. This combination offers an excellent and durable base for our artwork. The Mechanical properties and availability of wood have made it a natural building material for furniture and decorative objects since the beginning of time. Because wood is a natural product, it has all the properties of movement and moisture retention that would be expected in the living tree and will therefore respond to excesses of temperature and humidity. The building of Dragons furniture by British craftsmen follows traditional construction methods. All our frames are formed with mortice & tenon joints that are well glued and are extremely strong. All our drawers are assembled with dovetail joints and our locks and handles are selected for their aesthetic appearance, durability and efficiency. Every piece built is designed to be passed down to the next generation

Q: Why do I have to wait up to 12 weeks for my furniture?

All our furniture is hand built by craftsmen and not flat packed except where necessary for access. All items, once commissioned by the client are then hand painted according to their individual requirements. Lead times are from 2 to 12 weeks depending on the number of items ordered and the artwork required. A simple design on a personalised pencil box may only take 4 weeks depending on stock levels but Flower Fairies artwork on an entire room suite will take up to 12 weeks. Your order with us is bespoke and uniquely made for you.

Q: How long will the furniture last?

Our clients choose furniture for their loved ones, which will pass from one generation to the next and thus become a treasured family heirloom. We are confident of our furniture's quality and if during the lifetime of your furniture you have any problems do get in touch and we will see what we can do to ensure it's longevity and rectify any damage that may have occurred.

Q: Does the furniture come flat-packed?

We do not regard ourselves as a company who supply flat-packed furniture. However, for access, some items must be assembled on site. Wardrobes are supplied with instructions on how to assemble. Beds come with a headboard a footboard and 2 side rails with a sturdy sprung slatted base for assembly on site. All our furniture delivered within Greater London are assembled and installed for you. If you are based outside of Greater London or outside the UK, we can also arrange (for a fee) for the delivery team to unpack, assemble your furniture and dispose of the packing material.

Q: Can I have my furniture repainted and re-artworked

Handed down from generation to generation, our bespoke furniture is as much an heirloom as it is a gift. But every so often you may want to give it a new lease of life, whether passing it on to a new member of the family or a lifelong friend. After all, teenagers rarely share the same enthusiasm for Peter Rabbit as they did when they were five. So why not take advantage of our fabulous repainting service? Our expert artists will spruce up any piece of furniture originally bought from Dragons of Walton Street to ensure you get as much use out of it as possible. Please call us in our showroom to discuss the options.

Q: What is a paint finish?

For an additional cost, our master finishers can apply a paint finish colour to your furniture to create a textured brushed look which softens the lines of the piece and can make it blend beautifully into any environment depending on the colour chosen. If you would like to know more about available paint finishes or would like to order a piece of furniture with a paint finish please call our showroom and talk to our Interior Design team who can offer advice and help on which colour and finish will best suit your chosen design. They can also arrange for a sample board of this type of paint finish to be sent to you.

Q: How should I begin to design my child’s room?

When designing a child’s room, it is easier to perhaps start with a textile, either the fabric chosen for curtains, other soft furnishings or even the carpet. You can then choose or request a design to suit the fabric. Our experienced design team are always available to help you on request, to create a very special room for your child.

Q: How do I order fabric?

Fabric can be ordered by email or by calling our showroom. We dispatch worldwide, usually the same day as cleared funds are received.

Q: What about upholstered items?

All our upholstered furniture is made to order especially for you. You can choose a Dragons exclusive fabric, one from our collaborative partners Nursery Collection at or let us choose a fabric for you from our extensive library of available designs. All fabrics used for upholstery are treated to meet fire retardancy regulations.

Q: What are your mattresses made of?

All our beds are supplied with a quality closed coil pocket sprung mattress from a British luxury bed manufacturer. The bed mattress is placed on our sprung slatted bed base for extra comfort ensuring a good night's sleep. All our cotbeds, cots and cribs are supplied as standard with a very special mattress designed to be hypo allergenic and allow baby’s temperature to be more easily regulated when compared to their polyfoam counterparts. The top layer is made from a fully breathable and water-resistant zip off coroquilt cover to allow maximum comfort. The inner cover is also fully water-resistant, which protects the entire mattress. For extra softness and comfort a pure new Iambs wool pad is added to both sides of the specially treated pure natural coconut fibre inner core. We recommend that the mattress is aired and turned weekly to maintain maximum comfort and freshness. All these mattresses are included in the prices quoted in our standard price list.

Q: Do you offer a fully bespoke service?

We offer a design led fully bespoke service. This service is available for one special piece of any size or design to whole house interior design schemes. No job is too small or too large. Our Interior Design team would be glad to offer a design consultation either in person or over the telephone. Please click here for our contact details.

Q: How do I clean my furniture?

We recommend that all our furniture is regularly dry dusted to prevent a build up of grime and occasionally washed over with a warm damp sponge and a gentle non-abrasive cleanser.

Q: Can I collect my furniture?

You can collect all smaller items from our Knightsbridge showroom. For larger items, we prefer to deliver them to your home in Greater London or courier/ship the goods if you live outside Greater London.

Q: What guarantee do you offer?

We take great care in ensuring our craftsmen made and beautifully hand painted furniture stands the test of time. All Dragons products carry a product guarantee of 7 years from the date of purchase with the exception of claims that arise out of damage caused by the Customer.