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Children's Room and Nursery Furniture with Delivery to USA

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Our furniture and accessories for children are now available in the US

Until recently, Dragons of Walton Street only sold its products from its showroom in England. Although many of the people who choose our products - and appreciate every single theme that we create - are based in the UK, we have many clients worldwide.

To ensure we can keep putting forth our tradition, quality and durability to a broader audience, we are delighted to announce that we are now offering delivery services for all our products for newborn babies and kids to the USA.

Bespoke Hand Painted Kids Furniture & Accessories

About Dragons of Walton Street

Our brand is a symbol of style that made its first appearance in England more than a century ago. Our traditional offering has satisfied the needs of a large number of clients who want to have something that features style, beauty, and usefulness. In this regard, some of the products that people can explore when visiting our locations include:

  • beds;
  • general nursing furniture;
  • toy boxes;
  • chairs and tables;
  • and much more!

Of course all these products are now available as kids furniture USA. Our goal is to provide children with the space that they deserve, in order to gift them with beautiful moments alongside their loved ones. When people purchase a piece of furniture from Dragons of Walton Street, they are not simply receiving a beautiful, colourful and stylish product. What they get is something that will be alongside them for many years, sharing their most appreciated moments and memories.

People should know that they are getting furniture with the highest safety and quality standards every time they get something from our store. This aspect is especially important when considering that those kinds of furniture are primarily meant for children. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure parents that their kids will be around something safe and protective.

Enjoy our inspired designs and artwork

Creating good furniture is not simply a matter of taking raw materials and putting them together. Instead, at Dragons of Walton Street we believe that every piece of furniture has its own life. This means that our artists work extremely hard in coming up with new designs that can continue to thrill people for many years. Also, we offer the chance to add custom designs of their own.

We want to give to every single piece of furniture that leaves our workshops its own personality. The personality and life featured in the designs and artwork that we put into our designs is something that spreads to the rest of the room. It is really incredible to see how the atmosphere in a room changes once people install a piece of furniture created by us.

Painting the furniture | Design process at Dragons of Walton Street

We know that every person has different preferences. For this reason, we have artists with different visions that can apply a broad selection of styles to our furniture. Whether someone likes gentle colours, beautiful flowers, or other inspiring patterns and drawings, at Dragons of Walton Street, we offer a wide variety of styles that will suit any person’s preference. In other words, no matter the kind of furniture, all of it can receive the personality and style that better suits the client. This has been one of the main reasons for the continued success of our shop after all.

What are our unique furniture pieces and accessories

As said in the introduction, our shop specialises in high-quality and highly stylish furniture. Specifically, people can encounter things like rocking chairs, nursery furniture, beds, baby cribs USA, and much more. In general, any piece of furniture that can be thought for a baby, will definitely be present in our store.

When a room is decorated with our furniture, it immediately gets new life. For example, installing one of our beds will immediately create a welcoming space that will allow the kid to fall asleep and have a great resting time. Because we also have general nursery furniture that can be used for parents when taking care of their baby. This kind of furniture can come in the form of cribs, cot beds, and many other variations.

But the room is not the only place that can gain new life thanks to our unique products. Another space that can gain a lot if decorated properly with our products is the playroom. We sell special shelves and toy boxes that will make space for children’s toys and aontribute to an atmosphere that will invite and welcome the kid.

Chairs and tables for children are also among our most popular items. Parents can rest assured that every time that they purchase a set of this kind from Dragons of Walton Street, they are getting something with top safety standards. Unfortunately other stores create style at the expense of safety. In our store, safety will always be our primary concern. With that in mind, we want to make children have beautiful moments and memories, without their parents being concerned about their safety when using or playing with our furniture.

Racing car themed kids bedroom design

We also offer bespoke and personalised pieces

Another significant factor for explaining the huge success of Dragons of Walton Street is the production of personalised items. On many occasions our clients can ask to put some image or design of their own in the furniture that they would like to buy.

If that’s the case, our carpenters and artists will be more than happy to help. They will advise the client on the best way to implement a specific design on the item they’re about to purchase. This is something that brings incredible satisfaction to the customer, and has been a driving force behind our success.

Summarizing, people from the USA now will be able to fully enjoy all our products. Our fantastic catalogue of designer children’s furniture USA contains endless options that will be appreciated by all our customers.