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Nursery & Children Furniture with Delivery to Australia

Baby furniture in Australia | Dragons of Walton Street

Purchase top-quality children's room and nursery furniture in Australia

Australia is a country with a great deal of British heritage. This means that they have amazing taste in many things. This taste reflects in the fantastic kids’ room furniture style and themes that they tend to prefer. That’s the main reason why we are delighted to announce that we’ve started offering delivery services to Australia. This means that all people there will be able to enjoy our fine products and the great solutions that we can provide for newborns, babies and children.

What you need to know about Dragons of Walton Street

Dragons of Walton Street is a shop that opened its doors many decades ago. It opened as a project of many craftspeople, carpenters and artists who wanted to put all their talent into creating great products. Since then, many different types of furniture have been made available to the public, such as:

  • beds for newborns, babies and grown kids;
  • all kinds of furniture to decorate playrooms, such as toy boxes, tables, chairs, and much more;
  • kids storage furniture;
  • and all sorts of accessories that can be useful for children and parents as well!

One of the most fundamental things that we offer in our store is the chance to customize any feature of our products. We already provide a wide range of options in terms of size, design, and much more.

Children's bedroom furniture in Australia | Dragons of Walton Street

We offer inspired designs and artwork

Many artists work in our store. Their task is to constantly come up with new ideas to create new and original furniture. At the same time, they’re happy to apply what our customers want into already existing products. All of our offering is of top quality in terms of manufacturing.

Dragons’ unique furniture pieces and accessories are well recognised around the world

Dragons of Walton Street is a store with origins in England. However, the quality and style of our designs are well recognised around the world. This means that no matter if someone from Britain, Australia or anywhere else buys one of our products. Its style and design will immediately be attributed to the creative people that work with us.

Bespoke furniture for kids bedroom in Australia | Dragons of Walton Street

Our customers can choose personalised and bespoke pieces too

At Dragons, clients can choose the size and the artwork featured on the kids furniture Australia that they are getting. They can also decide whether they want to add some extra features and do any other kind of customisation that can improve the functionality of the piece in question.