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From Monte Carlo to Marrakesh, barely a major city of the world does not boast a coveted Dragons mural

For Dragons of Walton Street every blank wall is an invitation to delight. Executed in exquisite detail to exacting specifications, our murals have long set a high benchmark for hand-painting excellence. Whether depicting palaces or palm trees, our murals bring exquisite life to spaces.

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  • Beatrix Potter
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  • Playful Elephants
  • Terry's Soldiers
  • Vintage Transport

Mother Nature is one of the most important sources of inspiration and ideas that anybody can use to create beautiful creations. This is especially the case when designing a room for a kid. Therefore, it is essential to make it as cosy and welcoming as possible. This is why employing gender neutral safari nursery can be a great option.Choosing a theme of this kind can bring a lot of advantages. In general, it is a theme that both boys and girls love. This makes wild animals a versatile solution when designing a nursery room for a child of any gender.Taking the wildness of the African prairies to kids rooms, zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards, and countless other animals!

We know that, in general, people can like certain animals over other ones. For this reason, we offer our clients the chance to personalise their room or furniture set according to what they need. In other words, they can choose which animal they want to see in their African safari themed nursery, how many of them, along with countless other options for their paintings. That's why working with Dragons of Walton Street is a great idea, especially when searching for custom solutions. Our hand-painted designs will delight everybody.Explore the Dragons' vintage Safari theme and allow your kid to enjoy natureAt Dragons of Walton Street, we offer various themes and styles for designing different rooms. Our safari decor for nursery themes is among the most popular. After all, people of all ages love animals. This means that the way the room looks will be loved not only by the kids, but also by their parents.

That's why we want our clients to take their kids to imaginary safaris. These harmless means of entertainment will stimulate the imagination of the kid and make their dream. These dreams will be vivid, full of colours, and look even better when surrounded by furniture items featuring this kind of theme.

Add the most beloved story of all times to any room or furniture: Jemima, Puddleduck, Mopsy, Flopsy, and of course, Peter Rabbit himself! But that's not all, because the beauty of the designs created at Dragons of Walton Street has made many people request these themes by themselves. This means that it is possible to buy paintings put inside a frame. They can be later put into the walls of any room to make it part of Peter Rabbit's story. Kids will also feel part of the story when surrounded by these cute themes. We have many products featuring Dragons' Beatrix Potter theme The story created by Beatrix Potter has been so influential that Dragons of Walton Street decided to make a full product line featuring her characters. So now it is possible to have Peter rabbit nursery accessories and furniture sets and countless other bespoke options that kids and parents love. All these ideas can contribute to creating a custom and welcoming Peter Rabbit bedroom. In this place, kids will be submerged in a magical world of adorable and cute characters.

Get the most beautiful designs and floral inspiration for kids room!Flowers are present practically everywhere in nature. In fact, they are among the most beautiful creations that nature has given us. That’s the main reason we have tons of options to decorate floral girl nursery rooms, and they continue to be among the most popular styles and designs that we offer. Let’s explore how we can make any room bloom thanks to what we can offer in our store.

Make the room bloom! Children’s rooms are an important part of our household where kids spend a great amount of time. Unfortunately, many times bedrooms can look dull and lifeless. Which is something that can be fixed by choosing the right decoration that will make it blossom. At Dragons of Walton Street, we specialise in giving life to different kinds of rooms with butterfly and flower nursery decor, including: kids bedrooms, playrooms, and even parents’ rooms!All of them can enjoy some beautiful and delicate floral designs. Everybody will agree that choosing a flower theme will improve the overall atmosphere. This is something that both parents, kids, and even newborns will notice.

Flowers are those kinds of designs that look good basically everywhere. That’s why at Dragons of Walton Street not only do we offer this kind of theme in our furniture and products, we also allow our clients to apply floral hand paintings for their whole room as well. Our talented and skilled artists have a wealth of experience in developing incredibly styled designs and themes for flower wall decor for baby nursery. We know how important it is for our customers to add something of their own into our creations.

That’s why at our store, people will be able to personalise any artwork to get bespoke solutions. Furthermore, it’s even possible to work alongside our artists to create something from scratch for nurseries and rooms. That’s the main reason why Dragons of Walton Street has the highest customer satisfaction rate among stores of its kind.But, it would be unfair to say that flowers are the only artwork Dragons excels at. Instead, even those who don’t like floral themed nursery at all, surely will find in our stores everything they need for their room to look incredible. We are committed to satisfying the needs of all our clients with our furniture sets and the rest of our products.Explore the gallery with detailed paintings and the products with this artwork below. Don’t forget that you can order bespoke furniture and accessories with this artwork - just book a consultation with our managers.

Add! cute animal designs for kids roomCreating a gender-neutral animal nursery environment can be a great idea. This action has several advantages. For example, it will be very appreciated by girls and boys alike. Also, this is done by adding some cute and adorable themes that will make any room or furniture cosy and welcoming. At Dragons of Walton Street, we are specialists in coming with all kinds of designs to decorate any environment or object that kids will interact with. Not only that, because offering bespoke furniture or accessories is essential to satisfying our clients' needs. This is the ultimate goal that we have as a store.

Kids will love to have a bunnies theme in their toys and rooms!Our store has created countless different furniture pieces and accessories for many decades. At the same time, it is possible to add a wealth of different designs to them. Considering that we add custom requests from our clients, the possibilities that people can get from Dragons of Walton Street are endless. The baby animals nursery decor is something that can be applied to a wide variety of furniture sets and accessories, including: chairs and tables, beds and cot beds, shelves and drawers, and even rocking chairs!Designs featuring animals tend to be quite versatile. Even personalised options will look great everywhere. In other words, they will look great in whatever nursery object they are applied on. That's why these cute baby room ideas continue to be among the most requested themes that people get from our store. Parents and children love having animals in their rooms, accessories, and everything else that surrounds them.Add Dragons' Designer Bunnies hand paintings to any room!

Many people already know that we specialise in hand paintings as well, besides the furniture that has made us famous during all these decades. We love to put baby animal art for nursery into any furniture or room. These designs are something highly appreciated by parents and kids as well.

In general, having baby animals can be a great choice to add to furniture or rooms that kids will use. They can stimulate the imagination of newborns and babies. They can also create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for children and parents. In addition, these animals will serve as great companions for the trips that kids take through their imagination. Therefore, don't hesitate in getting the designs created at Dragons of Walton Street.

Neutral themes for a nursery room!

Sometimes the task of choosing a neutral scheme that will be featured in a room or for a piece of furniture can be challenging for many families. However, we at Dragons of Walton Street have a wealth of experience advising parents on what illustrations they should opt for. Bunny nursery accessories and artwork make fantastic options for nursery decor. They are appreciated by girls and boys alike, making it popular amongst parents who are keeping the gender a surprise. We’ve hand-painted scenes from Designer Bunnies on standard and bespoke items many times in the past, and they’ve been paired with other artworks to further deliver our custom approach.

Add baby bunnies in the design of a child’s room!

Cute bunnies are some of the most requested artwork and themes that we have. They have the advantage of looking great anywhere, be it cot bed, toy box or as a part of a mural amidst the woodland. A classic and sweet bunny design and even baby animals nursery theme can take centre stage on our furniture pieces like: small chests of drawers, for the storage that hold all night-time necessities; hand painted toy boxes, where toys are at reach ready to use at any moment; bespoke joinery, where art meets interior solutions.

But of course, those are not the only items where this theme can be added. As people already know, offering personalised solutions to our clients is something that has made us earn worldwide recognition. Therefore, any accessory, furniture or room can be decorated with baby animals nursery ideas. Our artists are always delighted in painting baby animals and even safari animals or tropical birds.

Don’t miss the chance to get Dragons' Barbara's Bunnies hand paintings!

There are many things that have made Dragons of Walton Street a household name for many people in many countries and across generations. One of these aspects is the creativity and quality that we put into all our designs. Barbara painted bunnies for over 30 years and has delicately handed over the brush to our new generation of artists. Throughout the years, people have loved this artwork on their choice of accessories and furniture sets, but even just as simple wall art. Our clients have been delighted to proudly display the baby animal artwork for nursery as framed pictures.

Check out the gallery with detailed paintings and our available products with Barbara's Bunnies artwork below. Don’t forget that you can order bespoke furniture and accessories with this artwork - just book a consultation with our managers.

Choose the most adequate theme for a nursery room!Nursery rooms are a very important place for newborns to spend their very first months of life with their parents. Obviously, nurseries must be functional rooms as well as look enticing and welcoming. In our long history, we have been working with many designs have realised that one of our most popular ones are the baby elephant nursery ideas. This lovely design is cherished by kids and parents alike, and it’s one of the best choices you can make when decorating a room.All kids love to have cute baby elephants and giraffes in their room!

Kids can go to a safari without ever leaving their rooms. You only need to add elephant and giraffe nursery decoration to their room! Your child will feel protected, amazed and entertained. Besides the bedroom, this theme can also be featured on accessories and other items in the room, such as: toy boxes, hairbrushes, pencil boxes, lamps, and any other piece of furniture you like!

These gender neutral elephant nursery themes are something highly appreciated by parents and they are equally loved by boys and girls. For this reason, if you’re looking for a cute design, the playful elephants artwork will make any room or accessory look gorgeous. These baby animals are a fantastic option and the theme is also available for the multitude of furniture sets that we offer. They will create a friendly and playful atmosphere to any child’s delight.Everyone can enjoy Dragons' playful elephants hand paintings!Dragons of Walton Street is well recognised for the quality of its hand paintings. They are one of the essential things that we offer when customers want bespoke furniture featuring custom designs.

These hand paintings come in many forms and shapes. Of course we also offer hand painted elephant themed nursery decor. These cute animals will make all children very happy and feel protected. What’s more, having elephant and giraffe nursery designs in a room is something that definitely will stimulate their imagination. They will go on an imaginary safari that they will absolutely enjoy. This is something that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Discover the gallery with detailed paintings and all available products with Playful Elephants artwork. We also offer bespoke furniture and accessories with this artwork, just book a consultation with our managers.

Grenadier soldiers are one of the most iconic British characters you’ll ever find anywhere in the world. For those who might not know, they protect royals and other important people from the country. Their elegant uniforms and hats have caught the attention of people from all over the world. That’s why at Dragons of Walton Street we give our clients the opportunity to add a British style to their rooms and furniture by adding Terry’s Soldiers design featuring these characters. These are some very cool nursery themes that will make any room acquire a whole new feel.

These soldiers from the British Army can be instantly recognised by practically anyone in the world. This had led to a great deal of admiration, and to a high degree of interest shown by the people towards the Grenadier Guard. It’s not a case this is among the most sought after artworks in our catalogue. This means that it is a great option for those looking for modern baby room ideas. There are many different pieces of nursery furniture and accessories that can be purchased from our shops featuring these characters, such as: chairs, bookcases, waste, bins, and even paintings!

The artists that collaborate with our store have unlimited talent and creativity. They also know how to work with personalised requests. For them, it is possible to apply this design in a hand painted way to basically any kind of furniture. If someone would like to get a bespoke design featuring these characters on any accessory or furniture, they only need to contact us.

Children will love having Dragons’ Terry’s Soldiers theme in their rooms!

Terry’s Soldiers can be a great idea when thinking about decorating a child’s room. This theme has been highly appreciated by adults and kids alike. It will help kids to imagine a magical world where they interact with these fabulous characters.

For this reason, if someone is thinking about a furniture set, accessories, or decorating a room, Terry’s Soldiers are a great idea. It is even better if the design in question is applied by Dragons of Walton Street. We have decades of experience working with this and many other styles and designs. Also, we’re eager to help our clients create their custom designs and artworks.

Explore the detailed paintings in the gallery and the products with Terry's Soldiers artwork below. You can book a consultation with our managers if you want custom furniture or accessory.

Add some vintage style themes for kids rooms!Vintage themes are something still widely appreciated by all people. These are styles that look great in any room and accessory. They are also appreciated by boys and girls, kids and adults. That's why at Dragons of Walton Street, we also offer vintage car nursery ideas. Of course, cars are not the only means of transportation featured here. There are trains, trucks, aeroplanes, and more. All of them feature beautiful and attractive designs that will transport people back decades ago while at the same time creating a welcoming atmosphere.Means of transportation are something that kids can start to show interest in early in their lives. Many kids can get toy cars, toy trains or toy aeroplanes during their first years. These are toys that they will spend a lot of time with.

At Dragons of Walton Street, we created a fun cars and trucks nursery theme. It can be later applied to a bedroom, furniture set or accessory. Not only that, because we also have aeroplanes, racing cars, and much more. They will look great in things like: toy boxes, beds, shelves and chests, and in hand paintings too!

Having these kinds of antique cars nursery decor and those that feature any other antique means of transportation will be appreciated by kids and adults. They will create fantastic and memorable moments that kids will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

It is also possible to get Dragons' Vintage Transport hand paintings!Our artists and designers have been applying hand-painted designs of extremely high quality to a broad range of products for many decades. The quality and appeal of our designs are so high that many people have requested to have them in hand painted format. That's something we love to create for our customers. Therefore, there is no better wait to decorate a vintage car themed nursery than by putting some hand paintings on its walls.

Those nursery accessories fit perfectly with any product that belongs to our line of furniture sets. In other words, they will allow both parents and children to become submerged in a fantastic and magical world. This is even better since it is also possible to order bespoke items, each with custom themes and styles. Moreover, they will be able to travel anywhere they want thanks to the power of their imagination. Those kinds of moments are what we want to create at Dragons of Walton Street.