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Barbara's Bunnies Animal Themed Nursery Decor

Neutral themes for a nursery room

Sometimes the task of choosing a neutral scheme that will be featured in a room or for a piece of furniture can be challenging for many families. However, we at Dragons of Walton Street have a wealth of experience advising parents on what illustrations they should opt for. Bunny nursery accessories and artwork make fantastic options for nursery decor. They are appreciated by girls and boys alike, making it popular amongst parents who are keeping the gender a surprise. We’ve hand-painted scenes from Designer Bunnies on standard and bespoke items many times in the past, and they’ve been paired with other artworks to further deliver our custom approach.

Adding baby bunnies in the design of a child’s room

Cute bunnies are some of the most requested artwork and themes that we have. They have the advantage of looking great anywhere, be it cot bed, toy box or as a part of a mural amidst the woodland. A classic and sweet bunny design and even baby animals nursery theme can take centre stage on our furniture pieces like:

  • Small chests of drawers, for the storage that hold all night-time necessities
  • Hand painted toy boxes, where toys are at reach ready to use at any moment
  • Bespoke joinery; where art meets interior solutions

But of course, those are not the only items where this theme can be added. As people already know, offering personalised solutions to our clients is something that has made us earn worldwide recognition. Therefore, any accessory, furniture or room can be decorated with baby animals nursery ideas. Our artists are always delighted in painting baby animals and even safari animals or tropical birds.

Don’t miss the chance to get Dragons' Barbara's Bunnies hand paintings

There are many things that have made Dragons of Walton Street a household name for many people in many countries and across generations. One of these aspects is the creativity and quality that we put into all our designs. Barbara painted bunnies for over 30 years and has delicately handed over the brush to our new generation of artists. Throughout the years, people have loved this artwork on their choice of accessories and furniture sets, but even just as simple wall art. Our clients have been delighted to proudly display the baby animal artwork for nursery as framed pictures.

Check out the gallery with detailed paintings and our available products with Barbara's Bunnies artwork below. Don’t forget that you can order bespoke furniture and accessories with this artwork - just book a consultation with our managers.